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Please read below to see answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you still need assistance, call 800-225-0248 or email

  • 1. What is the Teacher Toolbox?

    The Teacher Toolbox provides immediate access to all grade levels of Ready® instructional resources (grades K-8 in Reading/Math and grades 2-5 in Writing). Because the Toolbox is organized by standard, teachers can easily focus on particular skills that students may have not mastered; it’s the perfect solution for differentiating instruction.

  • 2. I am a new customer. How do I register?

    In order to create your Toolbox account, go to and follow the steps in the registration process. You will set up a username (your school email address) and a password. An authentication message will be sent to your email address. Click on the link in the email to complete the registration process. Once you are registered, log in and enter a license code to activate the Toolbox.

  • 3. What are the system requirements for the Toolbox?

    System requirements for the Toolbox are the same as for our other online product, i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction. These requirements can be found online at

  • 4. How do I receive my codes?

    If your school purchased the Teacher Toolbox, a Teacher Toolbox Access Pack was shipped to you with your order. This is separate from your Teacher Resource Book. Your license code and access information are included in the Access Pack. If you cannot locate your Access Pack, please see your administrator or contact Customer Service at 800-225-0248 or

    Please be advised that we will need to collect some information from you in order to verify your school or district’s purchase. Please have your order number or purchase order information with you when you contact us. This will assist us in confirming the details of your access to the Teacher Toolbox.

  • 5. How long will my Teacher Toolbox license last?

    One calendar year. The year begins on the day you redeem your license code. Your license will expire on the same day of the following year.

  • 6. Is this a student subscription?

    No, the Toolbox is a teacher resource designed to provide teachers access to the Ready lessons and additional resources, which can be used for whole class or small groups to help differentiate instruction. Lessons are conveniently organized to match your print materials, making it easy to find additional resources for teaching the skills and standards associated with each lesson. All of these resources are perfect for use with any interactive whiteboard or other computer projection screen.

  • 7. Can I purchase only the Ready Teacher Toolbox?

    Contact your local Curriculum Associates sales representative for ordering information.

  • 8. Why do I need to select my state as part of registering for the Toolbox?

    By selecting your state, you are choosing the version of Ready that matches your state’s standards and curriculum. If you add more codes, you will get the content that matches the state you chose when you first set up your account.

  • 9. Why can’t I open all the subjects?

    Please be sure that your school/district has ordered the subjects you are looking for. Reading, Writing and Math licenses are sold separately. If you aren’t able to access an additional subject, please contact Customer Service at 800-225-0248 or

  • 10. My code is not working. Whom do I contact?

    First, please make sure you enter the code exactly as it appears in your license code package. If your code still isn’t working, please contact Customer Service at 800-225-0248 or

  • 11. Where can I access the correlations and other resources found in the front matter of my Teacher Resource Book?

    Click on Program Implementation at the top left of the page to see correlations and other resources found in the front of your Teacher Resource Book.

  • 12. Where are the Ready Assessments and Assessment Teacher Guides on the Ready Teacher Toolbox?

    Click on Assessments to see the Ready Assessments and Teacher Guides.

  • 13. Why are some of the Interactive Tutorials missing?

    In some cases, there are no Interactive Tutorials to support a particular Ready lesson. We are always working to boost our coverage of the standards, and we plan to include more Interactive Tutorials in the future.

  • 14. Why do some of the Interactive Tutorials seem to be different than the Ready lesson they accompany?

    Some Interactive Tutorials have different titles than the Ready lessons, often because they teach the same standards and skills in different ways or through slightly different content. Some tutorials are also designated as prerequisites and are intended to teach prerequisite skills to the standard in question. In these cases, the titles may not match at all.

    Additionally, some Interactive Tutorials are correlated with more than one Ready lesson. The intent is to show that these tutorials can support the teaching of more than one Ready skill.

  • 15. Can I print out and make copies of PDFs from the Toolbox?

    Permission is granted to reproduce student pages from the Ready Instruction Book for prerequisite skills/concepts in limited quantity for classroom use. Printing of the Read Aloud Trade Books in grades K and 1 is NOT permitted.


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